Orange France

Orange are at it again, if you have a Black v3 Livebox you’ll see the software update and it will now show your Livebox ID WiFi Key and speed you should get on your broadband. If you have a VoIP phone it will show your phone number too.

Free Bitdefender tool protects against ransomware.

Antivirus firm Bitdefender has released a free tool that can prevent computers from being infected with some of the most widespread file-encrypting ransomware programs: Locky, TeslaCrypt and CTB-Locker. Download here

OneDrive Update

If you use OneDrive and have moved the default folders to another drive beware the latest update which will look like you just have to log back into OneDrive, but will in fact revert you to the default OneDrive location. If you find you have two OneDrive locations on your PC, you’ll need to disconnect your OneDrive from your PC, copy the new location to the old one and then reconnect your OneDrive and specify the location of the folders again.

Don’t Want Windows 10!

If you have Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 and you don’t want to upgrade to Windows 10, see here. Without removing the nag, you could find it does it all itself. Windows 7 is OK, but if you have Windows 8.1 then Windows 10 IS recommended.

Windows 10 – Secure your data

If you have upgraded to Windows 10, and we think you should, and you have a limited internet connection you will need to limit what updates Windows 10 you have downloaded get shared by your internet connection, see here.

New App and Multi Currency Card

Check out Revolut here, perfect for those with a UK Bank Account who spend time in the Euro Zone or USA or do a lot of online purchases there.

Secure Your Orange Account

Many of you may not be aware that you need to secure your Internet account. Primarily ANY user who connects a device to your internet may have instant access to your internet account and primary email address. You have to create a 2nd email address on your account and ensure that anytime you use you log off so that automatic access to your account is not given to any other user via cable or WiFi.

Secondly, as default your account is set to allow purchases via the web to be charged to your internet account, mainly ringtones and game purchases can be a problem.

To create an account sign out and click on “créer un nouveau compte” or “changer d’utilisateur” and follow the instructions.

To stop unauthorised charges appearing on your account, go to my account “espace client”, go to my contract in detail “mes contrats en détail”. Then on the internet section choose modify options, “modifier mes options”, then “mes services” and ensure that both “paiement en ligne avec internet+ service” and ” paiement en ligne avec Contact+ service” are off or “désactivé”.

If you need help, send us and email with your phone number and we will call you back and talk you through it free of charge.

Your eMail

Happy with your eMail do you do yours offline or online and which provider you should choose, this is of course my personal choice.

As a Microsoft Outlook user at home and work for years it came as quite a shock when I changed to GMail, with Outlook you tend to use folders to store mail and GMail uses labels. After using GMail for a couple of years I’d never go back to Microsoft Outlook. searching and everything with GMail is so much faster than with Microsoft Outlook, pulling in eMails from other sources is also easy and sending from other domains a breeze.

When Microsoft launched I thought I’d give that a go, but GMail still beats it hands down. only allows one user name and despite what address it’s sent from uses that name, GMail allows you to change this. GMail also allows you to mark a small part of a message and when sending a reply only attaches that small part of the message, makes life so much simpler. GMail doesn’t have aliases like Outlook, but that’s a small price to pay. I love Gmail.